Monday, October 11, 2004

Welcome to How to Speak Hip!

it's been far too long since these words were heard.
Sit awhile and let's let them wail like cave dwellers turned on to light.
Come in.
Fall out.
Your safe in this abode.
The words from way back, wash you clean.
There's nothing Dubya can do here, this just ain't his scene.
Post and roast.
You'll think you're the most.
Raise a toast to those who aren't here,
But who we hear and hold dear.
Bang your bongo if that's what you need.
If it helps you through the night.
Snap yourself silly and say the words.

Dig it.
Dig yourself, baby.

Keep your wig loose.
I look forward to your juicy groove.


Geetz Romo